Homecare Exercise Videos

Information For Patients

A better chiropractic lifestyle doesn’t start and end in your doctor’s office. There are helpful, healing exercises and routines you can practice at home and in between adjustments. It’s recommended that you wait until after your first adjustment for home care.

Home Care Program Intro

Alar Ligament Exercise

Cervical and Lumbar Rolls

Cervical Dorsal Exercise

Cervical Extension

Cervical Flexion Exercise

Chest Expander Exercise

CTU Pull

Decreased Sacral Base Blocking

Increased Sacral Base Blocking

L-5 Spondylo Lower Exercise

Lumbar Extension

Pelvic Rotation Blocking

Posterior T12

Praying Mantis Exercise

Psoas Lift

Psoas Stretch

Putting On The Head Weight

Traction Unit

Unpacking Your Head Weights

Upper Shoulder Weight

Wobble Cushion - General

Wobble Cushion - Anterior T12

Wobble Cushion – LD Focus

Wobble Cushion - Posterior T12

What People are Saying

“The experience of seeing a chiropractor for the first time was awesome. My husband and I met with Dr. Jerren and he was so welcoming and so knowledgeable and patient with us as well as we asked questions that were concerning to us. The environment and the staff is very welcoming and that is a major plus in our book. It was easy to find the location and I was very excited to be able to meet with Dr. Jerren concerning issues with my back. Although my husband and I live nearly an hour and half away from his office, we are still interested to travel up that way for any services provided. We will definitely be back soon. I recommend this establishment to anyone who is looking for a chiropractors office that makes you feel like you’re apart of a family when you step foot through the door.”
Shanda Murray

“I had my first visit this week and must say…I love this place! If you’re looking for a clean and welcoming environment with super friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff from the front desk to the doctor’s chair, this is the right place. They are really focused on long term results and not just a quick fix. I’m looking forward to my next visit. Thank you so much Dr. Jerren!”
Akera Sellers

“Love having an ongoing relationship with everyone in this office. They care about our long term outcomes and our short term successes! I feel so much better and now have both my teenagers going as well! Such a difference and setting them up for lifelong health as well!”

Amy Funderburk